Light-weight competition harness sacrificing nothing.

X-ALPS GTO (Gran Turismo Omologato) follows in the footsteps of the harness designed specifically for the X-Alps paragliding competition. Its principal characteristics are light weight, safety and comfort, giving the pilot unparalleled flying pleasure. At the same time, pilots can rest assured that they are flying with a product that is wholly certified in accordance with the LTF procedure..

  • The geometry of its structure and its active flying characteristics make it ideal for a wide range of pilots.
  • We have succeeded in keeping this harness very light, without compromising its strength, by using technical materials such as Polyamide, Lycra, and a seat in carbon.
  • In addition, the X-Alps GTO harness is fitted with the innovative anti-forget DRC system, which means that the pilot cannot close the front of the harness without having gripped the chest-strap fastening point.

With its X-Alps GTO harness, the Woody Valley Team are certain that they are providing a product superbly finished right down to the smallest details, complete with LTF certification. The harness will accompany you in many great and SAFE flights!!


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Weight* 4.965 kg
Certification LTF with GET-UP system
Protection 12 cm foam protection
Principal materials Lycra, Polyamide, karabiners Camp-Para, buckles Camp
Seat plate Carbon
Sizes M L XL
Karabiner-seat distance 44.5 cm 47 cm 49.5 cm
Seat plate rear/front width 23.5/21 cm 25/22.5 cm 26.5/23.7 cm
Seat plate depth 36.8 cm 39 cm 41.5 cm

*total weight of size L, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners and protection.

This innovation
can save your life.

To address the issue of forgetting to fasten the chest and leg straps on the harness, the Woody Valley team has developed “Mini TLock”.

The system includes two females buckles attached to a load bearing carabiner, and another attached to the leg-cover’s closure element; the central element that allows for the buckles to be fastened is attached to the leg strap: in this manner, in order to properly close the leg-cover, the pilot is required to grasp the leg strap, and is thus reminded to close it.

The system offers great manageability and an intuitive interface, and can be used even while wearing gloves.


12 cm foam protection.

Emergency parachute container, built in under the seat.

Shoulder-strap and chest-strap adjustment can be performed in flight.

Self-inflating rear section for better aerodynamics.

Leg cover, adjustable in length
with a range of 12 cm

Harness with fine adjustment systems, so that you get the best performance right from the first flight


Pockets accessible during flight

SOS label

Pockets accessible during flight

Receptacle for hydration pack in the rear pocket and tube holder on the left shoulder strap

Holder for telescopic trekking poles built into the rear pocket

Receptacle for ballast

Removable instrument panel on the cockpit

GET-UP system with the innovative DRC anti-forget system



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-Protections Latérales (la paire)   60€

-Container Ventral GTO sans support instrument contenance max ballast 3.5 lt   50€