Swing Nyos L TR2S

Bon état
Taille : L
PTV : 95/120
Niveau : B


The NYOS was the glider flown by Didi Siglbauer when he won the DHV-XC competition two years in a row. The success strategy behind this glider has now entered its next phase with the NYOS RS!

The main difference between the NYOS RS and its predecessor is the clearly noticeable gain in stability and control due to the RAST system. Thanks to this patented technology, we have succeeded in making the full performance potential of the High-B segment accessible to a wider range of pilots. For you the pilot, this means effective and at the same time relaxed XC flying, on perfect days, at the highest performance level.

  • Combines high-B performance with maximum flight comfort
  • C-Bridge for efficient pitch control and steering via the rear risers
  • RAST for more control and stability




Who is the NYOS RS for?

Although in our opinion and experience the Nyos RS is very easy and enjoyable to fly for a performance intermediate, this wing should be piloted by experienced intermediate and XC-pilots who fly at least 50 hours a year.