The Sherpa Rucksack is our stripped-down rucksack designed for competitors and pilots who want the lightest possible kit. Every detail on this rucksack has been optimised for weight and performance. The Sherpa Rucksack utilises ultra-lightweight D30 paragliding material for the structure of the bag and an extra thick foam back cushion, shoulder straps, and waist strap to help the pilot’s performance during those long stomps. A series of conveniently placed pockets, straps, bungee lines, and a water tube valve maximise functionality and versatility. The Sherpa Rucksack is designed to fit a lightweight paraglider and harness with limited accessories.

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    • Lightweight D30 cloth
    • Water-resistant and breathable
    • 3 internal compressions straps
    • Bungee compression and jacket ties
    • Extra comfy back cushion and straps
    • Ultra-visible colour scheme
              Water tube valve


    • Sizes : S = 80 litres / M = 100 litres
    • Weight : S = 740 gr. / M = 800 gr.
    Disclaimer - Due to the design purpose of this product BGD cannot offer any warranty or accept liability for damage or malfunction of this product.